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Main Company History


Our history goes back to 1995, when a team of ambitious graduates of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute decided to try their strength in design of corporate information systems oriented towards business processes automation. They founded company Softline, which became one of the most successful IT companies in Ukraine. Later Softline JSC gave a breath to Softengi company and Softengi became a part of Intecracy Group - one of the biggest IT groups in Eastern Europe.

Inheriting corporate culture, knowledge, experience and people from Softline, with flexibility and dynamics of agile company and strength of a big corporation, having inspired and ambitious people on board, Softengi became a strong player on the market.

A few highlights of our history:


2011 ISO 9001:2008 certification
Project geography numbers 8 countries
2010 Establishment of iPhone / iPad apps development direction
2009 Swiss 2,5-year long insurance project started
European and USA operations continued under the new name Softengi
2008 Participation of our engineers in World Bank sponsored project for Ukrainian Government
First successful projects in Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia
2007 Participation of our engineers in international projects running by EC and UN
CMMI 4 certification
2006 3-D Studio established
2005 CMM 3 certification
2004 Active operations in USA started through partnership with Volia Software company
2003 ISO 9001:2000 certification
2002 European project on legacy system re-engineering and migration, which lasted for 3 years
2001 Dedicated software development center for USA client utilizing .NET technologies, which is still running
1999 Distributed development team for USA client utilizing Java technologies
1997 First client in the USA
1995 Softline company founded