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Softengi in brief


  • 15 years experience in software development
  • More than 150 qualified employees
  • Certified software developers (Microsoft, Oracle)
  • Certified Project Manager (IPMA, UPMA, PMI)
  • Quality management system is certified ISO 9001:2008
  • Successful experience in Agile-development methodologies
  • The main office is located in Kyiv, production offices - in the big cities of Ukraine
  • The company is part of the Intecracy Group - one of the largest IT-holdings in Eastern Europe


Our goal

- to provide top quality service for competitive advantage of our clients. Our service includes the development of custom software solutions and consulting in IT, re-engineering systems, business process outsourcing and services in the field of computer graphics.

Our infrastructure includes

  • Offices in 8,000 sq m corporate business center
  • 24x7 security
  • Corporate project environment (MS Project Server, Jira issue tracking, Subversion version control, Hotline customer care)
  • High speed Internet service
  • Modern data center
  • Corporate Project Management Office
  • Quality Assurance Department and Software Engineering Process Group

Softengi can enable you to:

  • Decrease your Software development costs
  • Decrease your organization’s IT expenses
  • Transform your business and increase productivity
  • Gain ongoing access to IT experts without incurring the ongoing cost of supporting a large  in-house IT-organization
  • Spend your money, time and resources on managing your business while still enjoying the benefits of best-in-class IT-support
  • Overcome temporal shortage of qualified resources
  • Diversify risks of outsourced development resources resided in one region


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