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Development centers

Softengi provides the services of creating and operating the development centers (DC). Such development centers are managed directly by the customer and, from the business processes point of view, are the part of the customer’s company.

The development center presupposes the following:

  • DC operates in cost-effective destination
  • DC is integrated into the customer's corporate processes, methodologies and culture, supported by Softengi professional IT services
  • Long-term functioning – in most cases over a half a year - with full-time-employee team
  • the customer himself manages DC’s production process and activities
  • the customer can himself manage the DC’s expenses
The customer has its own staff extended by a team, based on and supported by Softengi experience and administrative / infrastructure support platform.

Apart from receiving the own professional IT team, DC brings its owner the following advantages:

  • Cost saving
  • Increase of operational capacity without increasing the in-house staff
  • Reduction of the in-house staff
  • Avoiding / minimizing administrative infrastructure issues
  • Development team follows its owner’s practices, methodologies and culture


Besides, if the company plans to create its regional office in Eastern Europe, the DC can become such a representative. Herewith, the company does not spend time and efforts to solve HR and administrative tasks, handing them over to Softengi.

Besides, the customer can benefit of the location and namely Softengi advantages:

  • Access to large pool of high-qualified specialists
  • Convenient location – developed air transport communication, direct flight from New York to Kyiv; no additional expenses needed to travel to other regions of Ukraine
  • Well-developed infrastructure
  • own data-center – covering of the issue with data storage
  • own business-center – no problem with office space
  • profound experience in DC establishment and operation