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The task was to design and develop a sophisticated system to provide clients worldwide with emission tracking, reporting and environmental compliance functionality based on SaaS model. The system consists of a number of software applications both web and mobile. Our team participated in design, development, customization, localization and support tasks. The product is #1 in the world in its niche.

The task was to develop a software tool for predictive analysis and critical decision making support to improve investment portfolio management.

Development of an on‐line logistics management system to process orders and invoices from distributors to warehouses worldwide. The task was to transfer legacy solution (OpenVMS/Cobol/Jam, not documented), designed in 1980, to new modern J2EE platform. Moreover, the idea was to keep both systems running in parallel mode for smooth transition.

Development of a set of high-quality photo-realistic, high resolution images of new V.I.P. interior of Boeing 757 air jet.

Improvement of the functionality of the Credit Issuing System with its further transfer to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform.

Development of the system for data aggregation, monitoring the program activities and report generation at the level of both Network headquarter and its subrecipients.

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The application gives the user an opportunity to create own music, "see" the sound from various musical instruments and pre-composed loops mixed together.