20 Feb
DevOps for Iot Project

IT company Softengi is looking for DevOps for a European project

20 Feb
Project Manager

Softengi is inviting talented professionals to join our project and to work as a Project Manager in our Kyiv office. We offer the opportunity to work in the professional and challenging working environment and have professional growth.

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AR for Energy and Utility Sector: Undeniable Benefits

XR in the utility & energy sector has undeniable benefits: service expenses decrease, enhanced maintenance process, more effective remote assistance, higher safety for employees. AR global market revenues for the energy and utility sector will reach US$18 billion. What will this money be spent on?

UI/UX Design for Outsourcing: Good Design is a Good Busines

When you see a kid using a mobile app, think about all the work UI/UX designers do to make complex things exceptionally simple.

AI Solutions for EHS: Safety First

Machine learning, predictive analysis, deep learning are those AI tools that take human error out of workplace and create a truly safe environment. At last.