About Us

Softengi is a global SOFTware ENGIneering service provider named in the Global Outsourcing 100® list by IAOP® three times; thus, we are recognized as one of the world’s best outsourcing service providers.

Since 2009, our mission has been to guide companies in overcoming business challenges on their way towards the Digital Era. We accomplish this by offering our customers premium state-of-the-art business and technology solutions that meet their requirements and needs, increase their business efficiency, and contribute to maximizing their revenue.

Our solutions also enhance labor safety and provide a sustainable impact on environmental protection. At Softengi, we feel a responsibility to leverage today’s technology for the improvement of tomorrow’s quality of life, and we highly appreciate customers sharing our values, as well as projects and ideas corresponding to our business vision.

We offer full support and maintenance throughout the entire software development life cycle. Our team has years of experience and proven technological competencies in:

  • Digital Transformation Consulting,
  • Architecture and Code Review,
  • Cutting-edge Software Development,
  • Independent Software Testing,
  • UI/UX Design,
  • Business & Technology Acceleration.

We are proud of our ability to promptly respond to high velocity requests from our customers worldwide and even take over client projects by grasping their essence and main goals. We provide our clients with advanced IT services and solutions that ensure their continuous digital transformation.

Our portfolio includes 800+ successful projects using the best IoT and ICT practices and covering industries from Renewable Energy to Environmental, Health and Safety; Healthcare and Pharmaceutics; Telecommunications; Transportation; Government; Financial Services; Social and Communications; Food and Beverage; Real Estate and Construction; Automotive, and Insurance.

History Milestones

  Softengi affirms its conformity to ISO 9001, included in The 2015 Global Outsourcing 100®

Being recognized by IAOP® for the second year in a row gives more evidence that Softengi is a trusted company which proves excellence in global performance. Our company has also demonstrated Quality Management System Excellence verified by ISO 9001 Certification.

  Softengi is recognized as a 'Rising Star' in The Global Outsourcing 100® by IAOP®

IAOP® is an International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, which annually lists the top 100 world best outsourcing service providers. Softengi was also ranked in 3 other sub-categories: The Best 10 Rising Stars in Financial Services (Banking, Markets), The Best 10 Rising Stars by employees in Eastern Europe, and The Best 10 Rising Stars in Research & Development.

  Softengi establishes its presence in Switzerland, as well as in Central and Western Europe

We made our presence in Switzerland, in order to be more effective in supporting our clients in Central and Western Europe, with Softengi GmbH, Switzerland. That was a very logical step considering more than a decade of our experience on the Swiss and EU markets.

  Operations in Europe and the USA continue under a new name - Softengi

Due to extreme growth of the IT industry, Softline JSC gave birth to Softengi, and it became a part of the Intecracy Group consortium - one of the biggest IT organizations in Eastern Europe. Inheriting corporate culture, knowledge, experience, and people from Softline, Softengi became a strong player on the market.

Our Achievements

IAOP® recognized Softengi for its Excellence Delivery and included it in The Global 2017 Outsourcing 100 list

IAOP® recognized Softengi for its Excellence Delivery and included it in The Global 2015 Outsourcing 100 list

IAOP® recognized Softengi for its Excellence Delivery and included it in The Global 2014 Outsourcing 100 list

Softengi is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified (Information Security Management Standard)

Softengi is ISO 9001:2008 certified (Quality Management System Standard)


Online Logistics Management System: Migration from Cobol to J2EE

The task was to develop an online logistics management system, which could automate processing of orders and invoices from distributors to warehouses worldwide. The task was to migrate from a legacy solution (OpenVMS/Cobol/Jam, undocumented), designed in 1980, to a new modern J2EE platform.

Automated Electronic Life Insurance System

The developed by our team automated electronic life insurance system is called to minimize time and costs for insurance processes. The risk calculation is also conducted automatically. 90% of the processes are automated and the need for hard copies is eliminated almost entirely.

Softengi Creates Smarpay – Cash-free Payment Alternative

There are more than 1800 vending machines located around Switzerland. So, the task was to create a mobile app which would allow searching for a vending machine and making instant payments by sending a text message.