Early in 2011 due to a fast growing number of customers, JSC Bank of Georgia faced a need to optimize the loan system and improve management of its document flow. 

The first stage of cooperation resulted in the following outcomes:

  • Softengi team completely redesigned the architecture of the existing, based on MS Office SharePoint Server 2007, system and successfully transferred it to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform.
  • Extended the functionality of document authorization business process which involved several groups of users. 
  • The new system allowed to create, process and store 20 000 documents.
  • A distinctive feature of this project was a lack of the Georgian language package as part of the MS SharePoint which our team localized.


The second stage of cooperation, which started in 2012 included integration of the existing document management system at the SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) bank division.

  • The total number of users in two departments reached 400


Willing to improve system performance, our team showed the following result:

  • Under the testing mode, the number of simultaneously processed and stored documents reached 600 000.

Therefore, all of the optimization actions led to a much faster and better quality services provided to the bank customers, as well as an advance in the business processes functionality.


Since JSC Bank of Georgia develops rapidly, there are plans for more bank units to be connected to the implemented by Softengi document management system. As a result, starting in 2016, we continue our cooperation around the modernization of the data storage aimed at enhancement of efficiency and will be working on adoption of the document management system at the RB (retail business) division.

As part of the future partnership, we are willing to increase the number of processed documents to millions while causing no heavy load for the system.

So, Softengi team managed to prove that if undertaking some additional optimization efforts, the MS SharePoint platform allows users to create, process and store not just a couple thousands of documents, but several millions of them.

JSC Bank of Georgia has been cooperating with the Softengi team since 2011.
During this time the Softengi team has been rendering software development
and implementation services to us. Softengi experience and competence makes
our cooperation fruitful and efficient. All the tasks are executed in time and with
high quality, and the implemented information systems meet the Bank
requirements. JSC Bank of Georgia recommends Softengi as a professional
software development, support and implementation services provider.

Megi Bestaeva, IT Project Manager, JSC Bank of Georgia


JSC Bank of Georgia


Financial Services


Long-term cooperation, started in 2011


MS Sharepoint,
MS SQL Server



The task was to develop a series of high quality photo-realistic offline rendered clips of the new Boeing 747-8 passenger and freighter jets of the Boeing Aircraft family. All visualizations had to be contained in one Flash application with a simple and convenient menu which allowed customers to play any of the videos.

The task was to build a system, a comprehensive solution for civil aviation, which could cover main business processes and services in the field. Another system requirement concerned the compliance of the future solution with the international standards ICAO and EASA adopted in aviation.

This useful tool is an effective aid for intelligent retailers. The software has all of the advantages of modern technology and executes its functions by means of a single USB-flash drive. Often there are computers without a Windows OS installed. In such cases it is necessary to use a Linux OS. Our team successfully made the migration of the system to Linux OS.