The Voice Recognition Checklist App is specially developed to be used in any activity, which requires strict abidance by rules, ease of movements and logical sequence of taken steps. The App can be easily adapted to any industry, which not permits human mistakes and random actions.

Problem description

Within Anesthetic Process, as well as any other medical procedures, the most vital task remains to guarantee safety and comfort of patients. Pursuing this aim anesthesiologists get to use Anesthesia Safety Checklists to ensure that all significant measures are taken and the patient’s anesthetic is managed by recognizing and minimizing risks.

Even using such checklists, doctors still face a lot of challenges: 

to outline an appropriate order in which to perform key points in the anesthetic process

to ensure that critical safety steps are performed before moving to key points

to maintain effective team communication.

It is not the checklists themselves that are important, but the effective performance of the safety actions and communication.

To help doctors in managing above mentioned tasks, Softengi has developed a Voice Controlled Anesthetic Checklist App.

Challenges we met

When Softengi’s team started its work on this project, we had a lot of tasks to accomplish. First of all, our client asked us to develop an app,that could free the anesthetists of using their hands while applying safe checklists within an anesthetic process.

Moreover we strived to provide anesthetists and their teams with easy access to different anesthetic and surgery checklists, ensuring the highest level of interaction between team members. So our goal was to make a voice controlled App, which would be user-friendly, fully functional, customizable, and highly stable. Due to the offline voice control technology and more than 20 functional settings available for the App, Softengi succeeded in meeting the client’s requirements.

What’s the solution and how it works

Voice Controlled Anesthetic Checklist App is an application allowing anesthetists and their teams to manage different surgery checklists within anesthetic processes using only their voice.

In the operating room doctors uses voice commands to check each item from the anesthetic checklist in a logical sequence: “anesthetic machine check”, “enough oxygen available”, “breathing system connected”...The Application informs the team, which action has been performed and which action should be performed next. With that, the anesthetist doesn’t even hold the device or look at the screen.

Offline work

Consequent steps

Voice commands

Personal Checklist Chains

Work in background

Customizable Structure

Using Voice Controlled Anesthetic Checklist App give doctors extra value, which might not be obvious to everyone at first. 

Offline voice recognition is ensured.

If your hospital doesn’t have permanent internet connection or your Wi-Fi works intermittently – it will not hinder your work and the safety of the patient is ensured due to the fact that.

App reminds you about all the logical consequent points of the anesthetic checklist.

You will not be afraid to miss any crucial step within the anesthetic process

All interactions with checklists are performed through voice commands.

You are completely concentrated on the process, not distracting on switching tasks on the table or checking the next step at the screen.

All checklists can be personally created, modified, imported, or exported with the ability to develop - if required - logical checklist chains.

You will easily adapt your anesthetic procedure according to each patient’s needs and requirements, taking into account the health and safety of your patient.

The App works in background and can be used with other apps running in foreground.

Meanwhile using the Voice Controlled Anesthetic Checklist App, you can also use any other action on your device.

The App allows you to divide checklists into customizable groups and categories, thus creating a clear and comfortable users structure.

After installing the Voice Controlled Anesthetic Checklist App, you will have all your anesthetic checklists procedures in your personal organizer.

Prospects of using

The Voice Controlled Anesthetic Checklist App, streamlines the work of professionals and excludes the human fault factor from this specific process. The solution can be easily customized to be used for different purposes in a variety of industries, like:

In other healthcare specialties;

In investment and audit;

In logistics and freight (e.g., to check the readiness of tracks or ships);

In professional diving (e.g., to conduct equipment preparation checks);

In civil litigation (e.g., to deal with the complexity of discovery and motions practice);

At electric power plants (e.g., to check the systems’ security);

For system administrators (e.g., to conduct system installation);

For lifeguards (e.g., to equip emergency survival kits);

In other industries involving inspections, investigations, security checks, audit, or inventory checks.


To estimate effectiveness of applied technology in the medical sphere, Softengi  has conducted analysis of short-term results. On the basis of this investigation, we can make the following predictions about the implementation performance of the  Voice Controlled Checklist App:




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