What is Softengi Tech Accelerator

Are you ready to give your innovative idea a chance of a lifetime to transform into a sustainable project? Softengi Tech Accelerator is here for you to assist your startup on its way to become a cutting-edge technological solution in the market. We are a professional team of mentors with an extensive expertise of exploiting innovative technologies. Our goal is to create for your startup a breeding ground for product development and launching.

How it works for startups

You bring your idea, a prototype and passion. We add mentorship, independent opinion both for investor and entrepreneur, specialized staff for design and software development try out opportunities. As a result altogether we receive a developed, tested, ready-to-launch product with completed trial period and improved technology, if needed.

What do we offer

As an experienced Technology Accelerator for both big and small startups, Softengi performs a wide range of services, that are vital during every stage of  project implementation.

  •        Our team accomplishes comprehensive Technology Scaling to determine at the primary stage time, budget and resources needed for project implementation.
  •        Solution Development done by Softengi team makes up for your lack of technical resources necessary to develop cost-effective and reliable custom software.
  •        Architecture and Code Review by our specialists will help you to find and fix errors, validate the design and implementation of features.
  •        To guarantee high quality and usability of your software, as well as to uncover possible defects, our certified team makes Independent Software Testing based on proven methodologies and techniques.
  •        Pilot Project Implementation will provide you with an opportunity  to validate profitability and efficiency of your product through proof trial with collaborators and our clients.

Advantages for Tech Accelerator Members

As a Tech Accelerator Member you are able to:

  •        Realise the full potential of your business ideas
  •        Immerse yourself into an intense startup community of like-minded hardware hackers and entrepreneurs
  •        Not worry anymore about your limited budget, since we apply the lean startup methodology
  •        Be secured by Localization and Documentation Support
  •        Surely launch your project in time, with custom developed software and reviewed architecture

Our mission

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