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Business process automation on Microsoft SharePoint

Softengi offers the comprehensive solution for business-processes automation based on Microsoft SharePoint.

What automates the solution?

  • Document management. Decreases time for taking decision, saves financial and human resources
  • Customers Relationship Management. Enables to build relationship based on a personal approach to each client that allows to attract new customers and retain the existing ones
  • Technical support. Increases effectiveness and decreases time for troubleshooting
  • HR management. Improves the efficiency of personnel, increases company competitiveness and return of investments in people
  • Financial management. Raise the efficiency of the finances, improves the process of agreeing budgets

What is impelementation effect?

  • Personnel efficiency improvement - by accelerating information transfer, work control, routine processes automation
  • Operating costs reduction - due to transfer of paper documents into electronic form
  • Documents in order - unified repository, where any document is found in a few seconds
  • Improvement of relations in company - due to common unified communication space, where all employees can share impressions, to discuss projects
  • Customer service efficience improvement - due to the automation of processes related to the interaction with customers

As a result company is successful - prospering - profitable!

Contact us to receive the access to the demo version of our solution or send a request for presentation, to learn how a corporate portal will look like in your company