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Corporate portal

By the phrase "corporate portal" different organisations can understand different things. Respectively they may also have various requirements. In the broadest sense, a corporate portal is an interface for each employee, with access to all the data, which he may be required to work. Creating a corporate portal, we can take as our responsibility. This, of course, will take into account all your needs and wishes. Our solutions are based on MS SharePoint and allow you to organise your employees, leading to higher productivity. Also note that the corporate portal brings in order the documentation of your company. SharePoint document management are significant due to the automation and different thought-out the whole office. One should also consider the fact that all the work and content management is in a familiar Microsoft Office environment, which does not require any effort and money to retrain staff. Corporate portal - a big step forward to improve the efficiency of your company.

Corporate portal is an enterprise's internal site. It contains both the number of tools to provide vertical and horizontal communications in a company, and the means for employees efficient co-work.

What is the purpose?

  • To manage document workflow and business-processes. To automate paper work, incoming and outgoing correspondene, internal document workflow, control contracts database
  • To manage personnel
  • To manage relationship with customers - interaction history, contacts database, meetings, sales department activities and goals
  • To manage budgeting process
  • To manage cash assets - payment agreeing and approval, payments calendar, reporting

What is implementation effect?

  • Rapid return of investments
  • Regulation of employees activities
  • Retention of investments into IT infrastructure
  • Economy of expenses for IT service


Microsoft SharePoint

Our solutionbased on MS SharePoint, improves collaboration, increases productivity.

Familiar environment of Microsoft Office makes it easier to manage the content.

The built-in functions, complemented by search technology help any company quickly respond to changing business needs.

The manager will be able to make decisions based on the results of data analysis, as well as quickly and safely implement customized solutions that meet business needs both within and outside the company.

The consolidation of the solutions for co-work helps to cut training and maintenance expenses, as well as to increase employees capabilities.

What are the features?

  • Online photogallery
  • Knowledge database
  • Forums
  • Surveys
  • Informers
  • Search system
  • Administration of the portal
  • Access management
  • Management of the portal structure


Contact us to receive the access to the demo version of our solution or send a request for presentation, to learn how a corporate portal will look like in your company