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Mobile application development

Mobile development is one of the key competences of Softengi, thus we do have successfull projects implemented in this field.   

The mobile applications listed below were developed by our developers. Although these mobile applications do not belong to Softengi and are a property of respective customers, they listed here only to demonstrate the mobile development skills and experience of our developers.



Accelerometer for iPhone, based steps counter with distance, speed and calories burned calculation

Accelerometer  Accelerometer


iCSound application (iPad)

iCSound gives you an opportunity to create you own music in a very creative way. You can actually "see" the sound from various musical instruments and pre-composed loops mixed together. Most of the DJ tools allow you to mix only couple tracks, but with iCSound you can mix up to 40 music loops with unlimited amount of audio effects. iCSound is very flexible and expandable, all the effects have their own unique parameters, which can be separately setup to be applied on either one sound loop or even whole composition.

Softengi_iCSound            Softengi_iCSound


You may download the iCSound application from the iTunes here. 


Country / city guide for Android mobile devices

The application - colorful guide to sightseeing of any country / city with GPS, GoogleMaps, - will indicate the points of interest, situated nearby. Besides, the integration with Layare (augment reality) allows not only to see the necessary objects around (not only POIs, but bus stations, restaurants, etc.), but also add the own ones POIs and places.The application is flexible – it’s possible to download packs / plugins only for required countries / places, which allows to save the memory volume of the smartphone / communicator.

Notification service for iPhone/iPad and Android mobile devices

It allows user to create, group, define and send different kind of Notifications per employees of organization. The mobile application also allows to employees to respond in multi optional manner to the sender.
Conversation application as a part intelligent notification product allows to many users chat through the mobile devices in SMS manner for free and with over Conference call if it's required by participants.


Softengi_iPhone_application               Softengi_iPhone_application

Augmented Reality module

Augmented Reality module (like Layar player with offline mode) for iPhone for country / city guide application.