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Business solution integration

In order to be competitive in today’s business conditions, enterprises strive to optimize business-processes and to reduce expenses. Therefore various solutions are implemented to automate processes and information exchange. Often, an enterprise turns to have a number of systems of various providers, which support different technologies and standards. Besides, new directions and departments, appearing in any developing business, also require automation. All above stated results in considerable expenses to support different systems and difficulties in information exchange both inside the company and with its partners and customers. The solutions is to implement a unified platform to establish efficient interaction between systems.

Softengi offers the comprehensive solution to integrate information systems on the platform of MS BizTalk and SharePoint. It allows not only to integrate the existing systems, but also to automate the processes and directions, which are still not covered.

Using flexible and scalable tools to unite them BizTalk platform supports the potential of an enterprise infrastructure and, thus:

  • simplifies and automates interaction between systems
  • allows to receive important data about business-processes and capabilities
  • protects processes from undesirable changes
  • facilitates systems’ flexibility and manageability
  • unites the systems to remove their superfluity
  • automates business communication with partners

BizTalk is a Microsoft server solution, which provides integration and the possibility to unite the systems. BizTalk is a capacious platform, which allows to create reliable, safe and easily scalable integration solutions. BizTalk Server has more than 25 multi-platform adapters and secure infrastructure for messages exchange, which enables connection of major systems both inside and between enterprises. In addition to integration functional capacities BizTalk also provides workflow engine, connection based on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), RFID support and connection to IBM mainframe systems.

Microsoft BizTalk solves the integration problems between different systems. In order to support daily lifecycle the majority of enterprises has to implement various systems and technologies.


MS BizTalk Server is used daily as a secure platform for such solutions as payment processing, supply chain control, multi-channel interaction and support of decision making (reporting) in close to real time regime.